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Breakthrough Invention News
Laziness is the Real Mother of Invention?

How it was Invented: Team Lynx Helicopter Design Engineer Inventor Michael hung a camcorder on a wall hook when the hook slipped out.
Too lazy to find a wall plug and drill, Michael wrapped PTFE tape around the hook screw threads and drove it back in the wall. Eureka! It worked very well.
A Patentable Invention? Not really! On re-ingenuitation, Rubber Coating Wood Screw threads worked
Ten Times Better, and were patentable.
Supreme Wall Screws

Synthetic Rubber-Coated Wall Screws

Test Results: Beyond Expectations – 10 times stronger than Wall Plugs.
Supreme Wall Screws drive directly into  hole and Job’s done in a minute, (not 10).
Simple, Accurate, Saves Time, Labour & Costs – considerably cheaper.

On Woman’s HourBBC Radio 4 – Michael – Founder President, Institute of Inventors – was asked, “Why are there 20 times more men inventors than women?”
Michael replied, “That’s because us men are lazy. Most women are happy doing repetitive mundane tasks – sweeping floors, washing clothes & dishes, sewing & knitting. Us men want an easy way out, so we invented the hoover, the clothes & dish washer, sewing & knitting machines – all  time and labour saving devices”.
£3 Billion Wall Plug Industry may go to Wall
 Wall Plugs invented about 1911 with phenomenal success, will be completely supplanted by Supreme Wall Screws
Production of millions of obsolete plastic & mechanical anchors may be phased out within the next year.
World Sales of all forms of
Supreme Wall Screws is expected to exceed £3 Billion per Annum.
World Intellectual Property Rights for
Supreme Wall Screws is valued at £24 Million.
Bargain Exclusive National License Agreements may be obtained by early negotiations.
Supreme Wall Screws Shortly on Sale in Major DIY Stores – Please ask at your Local!


 Available in all Wood Screw Sizes & Heads

KIS – Keep It Simple – Drill hole, Screw in Directly and Jobs done

directly engages hole, accurate alignment

Proven Anchor Load Tests

Forecast – In less than 2 years, sales of plastic wall plugs will diminish to less 5%.
Cliché – When Colour TVs are available why buy a Black & White TV

UK PATENT  No: GB2443131        International PCT No. PCT/GB/2008/000895

Contact – Inventor / Patentee: Michael V. Rodrigues – B. Sc. Eng (Mech & Elect)   at
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Michael is a Design Engineer Inventor at the leading edge of  British Technology with a commendable track record.