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Supreme Wall Screw

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Synthetic Rubber-Coated Wall Screw

Drive Supreme Wall Screw Directly into Hole in Wall.
Saves Time, Labour & Costs for Trade / DIY

10 times stronger than Wall Plugs and Wall Bolts

UK PATENT  No: GB2443131        International PCT No. PCT/GB/2008/000895


How It Works: 

S.W.S. – 3600 Barbs       Wall Plug – 6 Barbs 

When screwed in the rubber coating  exerts an expansive rubber grip on the hole inner surfaces.
Each thread grips with 360 barbs; so 10 threads grips with 3600 barbs (compared with a Wall Plug max 10)
This is why Anchor Load Tests proved Supreme Wall  Screws are 10 times stronger than the same sized screw used with a Wall Plug.

Drawbacks of Wall Plugs and Wall Inserts:

Even popular successful wall fixing Companies, concede (through statements in successive patents) that  Wall Plugs are beset with drawbacks.
Some Wall Plug drawbacks are listed below:-
a. Hole too deep, plug pushes too far in, fixing screw fails to engage.
b. Solution – use plug with rim! – New drawback, rim proud, impedes flush fixing.
c. Fixing screw fits Article’s holes, but matching Wall plug too fat.
d. Wall plug need 2 masonry drill-bits, 1st for screw, 2nd for fatter Plug.
e. Wall plug being fatter, article’s holes cannot serve as drilling template.
f.. Heavier anchor loads require bulky, expensive, expansible  Wall bolt.
g. Hammer fixings Inserts are too fat for article’s holes.
h. Wall plugs & Hammer fixings cannot be easily removed.

Solutions to above Drawbacks & Problems of Wall Plugs.

Supreme Wall Screws Solution to Drawbacks:



a. Hole too deep, no problem, TRICS™, thick resilient coating engages on entry.
b. Proud Rim!  TRICS™ has no rim, giving inherent flush fixing always.
c. TRICS™ screw & resilient coating both fit Article’s holes.
d. Only one size drill (supplied) needed when using TRICS™.
e. With TRICS™ article’s holes can be used as drilling template.
f. Light & heavy anchoring loads – TRICS™ cater for all.
g. TRICS™ work as hammer fixings and fit article’s holes.
h. TRICS™ screwed in or hammer fixed can be unscrewed.


 Drawbacks of Dry Wall Concrete Screws:

These self tapping un-coated tapered tip screws are suitable for light loads only, as
masonry, although strong in compression, is weak and disintegrates in tension & shear.

Solution – TRICS™ use expansive compression to obtain anchorage in walls.

Proposed Industry Standards for Supreme Wall Screws
Screw OD is uncoated thread Outside Diameter.
Actual Hole Diameter is usually larger than drill diameter.
Cordless Screwdrivers – Black & Decker, Bosch & Mac are recommended.
Maximum Loads are from Anchor Load Tests. 

Supreme Wall Screws – Colour Code, Screw Size & Loads

Contact – Inventor / Patentee: Michael V. Rodrigues – B. Sc. Eng (Mech & Elect)  at
Institute of Inventors
19, 21 & 23 Fosse Way, Ealing, London W13 0BZ, UK Tel: +44 (0) 20 8998 3540   +44 (0) 20 8998 4372
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Michael is a Design Engineer Inventor at the leading edge of  British Technology with a commendable track record.